Judy Madewell

City Council
Title: Council Member
Phone: 509-764-3763
Judy Madewell Staff Directory

I am fourth generation to the local area. I am a Christian. I attended Moses Lake schools and graduated M.L.H.S. I am married, with three grown children and two grown step children. I also have awesome daughter in laws as well as grandchildren. I raised my children here. It is home. I moved away several times only to return home because it's the best place to live. I have watched it go from a small town to the thriving city it is today. I served on the City Planning Commission from 1990-1994. My reasons for running for the City Council are several: 

1. Traffic

2. Water/lake quality issues

3. Retail growth

4. Affordable housing and job creation

Moses Lake is no longer a small town. We have to think beyond today. Industry wants to move here and with it comes families and jobs. We need to be ready. I believe that we need to keep our mature citizens in mind as we continue to grow as well as ways to keep our young people wanting to stay here. It takes team vision and work and I want to be part of the team. 

Council Member Madewell's current term will expire December 31, 2025.


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