Why is the City continuing to approve building permits in light of the water issue?

Many community members are excited at the new industry coming into town and are supportive of the new jobs that will be available for the locals. However, many people are also aware that housing is becoming unaffordable, and one reason for that is because there is not enough housing available.  

The City Council has opted to support the construction of new homes and apartments, to help ease the burden for our existing community members.  We know that the City will still have enough water for the new homes and businesses, if the existing residents and business owners are willing to do their part to limit the amount of water they use to irrigate their lawns in the summer.

In addition to these conservation measures being asked of the residents, the City is working with the developers constructing new housing developments, to eliminate the use of drinking water for watering lawns.  Depending on the location, and when feasible, the City is seeking use of separate irrigation lines that would pump non-potable water.

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20. Why is the City continuing to approve building permits in light of the water issue?
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