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Lenny Harm: Put yourself in my placeAn acrylic painting by Lenny Harm depicting two figures standing close to one another with a red sky

Showing September 1 through October 23, 2020

Introducing the bright and whimsical art of Lenny Harm in our Community Gallery.  She is a local painter, living and working in Othello, Washington.  Lenny is an active member of the Desert Artists of Moses Lake; a collective of local artists which seeks to inspire and provide a fun place to gather and paint together.  She is no stranger to our institution, having displayed her works in several group shows and now has created a mini collection for your enjoyment on display for the months of September and October.

These pieces focus on a series of abstract figures that seem to resonate with us all.  Allow yourself to stir up nostalgic memories or consider the many facets of identity in this series. They are exercises in experimentation as Harm explores her new technique “applying layers of acrylics on watercolor paper”.