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MARCH 22 - APRIL 26, 2019

Our love of sports begins in our hometowns. We play them on ball fields and sandlots, on courts and on the ice, in parks and playgrounds, even in the street. From pick-up games to organized leagues, millions of Americans of all ages play sports. Win or lose, we yearn to compete and play another day.

If we’re not playing sports, we’re watching them. We sit in the stands and root for the local high school team, or gather on the sideline and cheer on our sons and daughters as they take their first swing or score their first goal. Hometown sports are more than just games—they shape our lives and unite us and celebrate who we are as Americans.

Hometown Teams is a Museum on Main Street exhibition organized by the Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition Service. Funded by the U.S. Congress. Additional support from Humanities Washington.

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