Gym Crime Prevention

Theft is a crime of opportunity. Most thefts occur when valuables are left unattended. The thief normally seeks privacy to commit his/her act. Virtually any article left in plain view is apt to be stolen. Most property that is stolen is left unattended or unlocked.


  • If you have personal items of value, leave them at home.
  • If you have to bring personal items, get a fanny pack and keep them on you at all times. Do not leave your keys unattended anywhere.
  • Use a lock on your gym locker.
  • Also, another way to stay safe is to never leave your bags, purses, wallets, or any other possessions unattended even for a moment. Know where your property is when you are working out.
  • Be aware of your surroundings when you get to the parking lot and report any suspicious activity.
  • Keep a written record of valuables, including descriptions and serial numbers. These are proof that the property is yours and will aid in the reporting process and recovery.

Always report missing or stolen property immediately. We will assist you in trying to recover your property.