Snow & Ice Control


The City of Moses Lake strives to keep our streets as safe as possible. Our snow removal equipment consists of:

  • one road grader
  • one liquid anti-ice tanker
  • one sand truck with liquid anti-ice applicator
  • four plow trucks with sanders and liquid anti-ice applicators

The Street Division has a trained crew to operate this equipment and keep the major streets passable. They work in split shifts or around-the-clock if needed. Plows remove snow from the traveled lane when snow depth and estimated accumulation indicate the need to plow.

Our operators want to fight the snow not the traffic. Please help them help you by giving them room to do their job. For YOUR safety, please be patient and let them perform their work even if it slows you down a bit. They will be out of your way as soon as they can and your travels will be less inhibited. Thank you.


With seasonal snowfall, you may be wondering the plan for snow removal from your neighborhood and other public areas. Here is the plan.

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