Proposed Projects

Long Term Projects

Convert the current Central Washington Railroad to a trail - This is our highest priority project. This would provide a commuter and recreational path extending from the Pelican Point area, through the city center, and to Highway 17. The trail would allow pedestrian and bicycle crossings of I-90 and two crossings of Moses Lake.

Install standard sidewalks on the Stratford Road Bridge crossing Highway 17 - Construct usable sidewalks on the Stratford Road bridge. The current sidewalk is heavily used by pedestrians, including those with wheelchairs, strollers, and walkers, who walk along Stratford Road from the retail area south of Highway 17 to the residential area north of Highway 17. The current "sidewalk" is only about 2 feet wide and is dangerous, especially in the winter. The Washington State Department of Transportation has looked at options to improve the interchange and provide safe sidewalks. City Council has approved a design for the intersections and bridge and has committed $100,000 toward the project. However, due to the size and cost, this project will not be completed without legislative funding.

McCosh Trail extension - Extend the existing trail in McCosh Park with spurs at both ends to connect West Lakeside Drive with West Sixth Street.

Montlake Trail - Construct a trail that would start at the Montlake Park entrance road, then extend south to I-90 along a current undeveloped roadway, then it would run west along I-90 to the water channel under I-90, then cross the lake via a proposed pedestrian/bicycle bridge, then follow the I-90 right of way and turn north to connect to West Lakeside Drive. This project would require right-of-way acquisition from private property owners. It would also require a $125,000 pedestrian bridge.

Greenway Trail - This short trail on PUD property would run from Division Street to the lake, under the power lines just north of Power Point Park. The trail would connect Division Street with the nature trails north of Montlake Park. The City submitted a request to the PUD for right-of-way permission for this project.

Trail along the northwest shoreline of Parker Horn, from Neppel Crossing to the railroad bridge. This trail would eventually create a loop, when the rail line on the southeast shoreline is abandoned and converted to a trail.

Short Term Projects

Bike Lanes

  • Wheeler Road - Designate bike lanes between Pioneer Way and Road N. There are existing bike lanes on Road N between Wheeler Road and the Guardian fiberglass plant, and there are 6-foot paved shoulders on Road L. This would increase bicycle commuting to the Wheeler industrial area and its many industrial plants.
  • Randolph Road - Designate bike lanes on Randolph Road from Patton Boulevard to Road 7 NE, and then on to Stratford Road. This would aid commuters to Big Bend Community College, Columbia Basin Secondary School, and the Port Industrial area.

Pioneer Meadows/Three Ponds Trail - Construct a trail along the south boundary of the Three Ponds Wetland Mitigation Bank. This trail would connect Division Street at Ninth Avenue to Pioneer Way across from Safeway/Grant County Mall and also provide access to the south side of the Japanese Peace Garden as well as the historic site of the original water source for the town of Neppel. The developer of the Pioneer Meadows Apartments has dedicated the right-of-way for most of the trail, and staff has secured commitments from WSDOT for locating the remaining portions within the wetland bank as well as a QuadCo grant for a portion of the cost.

Way Finding Signs for Existing Trails - Install way finding signs to provide the directions and the estimated distances for all those using the trail system.