Completed Projects

Completed projects initiated by TPT

Bike Facilities

  • Division Street Bike Lanes added as part of a chip seal and repainting project. Division Street was reconfigured with 2 travel lanes, a center turn lane, and bike lanes. Parking was preserved where it had previously existed. Studies have shown that two travel lanes are safer than four by removing left-turning vehicles from the travel lanes. Bike lanes on this major arterial benefit recreational and transportation cyclists with the connection from residential areas to commercial areas downtown.
  • Road "L" Shoulder widened to six feet for cyclists. This was a Grant County street improvement project proposed by TPT.
  • Widened the paved shoulders of SR-17 - This was the result of TPT and the City meeting with the State DOT during design of the SR-17 widening project.
  • Construction of bike lanes on East Broadway - This City of Moses Lake project runs from SR-17 to Road 4.
  • Construction of bike lanes on Road 4 - This Grant County project runs from Road L to East Broadway.
  • West Broadway Bike Lanes - Requested City Council to replace on-street parking on West Broadway between I-90 and West Third Avenue with bike lanes. City Council approved this request and the bike lanes were marked during the WSDOT's Overlay Project.
  • Sharrows to connect the bike lanes on East and West Broadway - This City of Moses Lake project was initiated by TPT to fill a gap in the bicycle network by creating a connection between bike lanes to the east and west sides of the city.
  • Sharrows on Grape Drive to provide a north-south connection.
  • Valley Road fog line - White striping along Valley Road to separate the activity trail from the vehicle lanes. The visual separator adds safety for bicycles and pedestrians on the trail. TPT advocated for safety improvements along this corridor & explored options.

Pedestrian Improvements

  • Campus Parkway - A project of Grant County, this is an eight-foot-wide walking path, separated from the road by an 18-inch buffer, which circles Big Bend Community College.
  • Dogwood Court Crossing - A joint project of WSDOT, City of Moses Lake, Moses Lake School District & TPT, this project reconfigured a crossing over a state highway. Completed, it now provides an on-demand flashing light, trail head, and connection to a bike and pedestrian path that leads to several city parks, the skateboard park, the Surf 'n Slide Water Park and a middle school. A $29,000 private grant partially funded this project.
  • Wanapum Trail and the Lower Peninsula - A multiple phase, long range City project to create a ten foot wide sidewalk path running along the circumference of the Lower Peninsula. In 2007, the City received a $290,000 grant for the Wanapum section of this project which is now complete.
  • Larson Trail -  Enabled through the work of Grant County, this $300,000 trail now connects the Port of Moses Lake, Big Bend Community College, and Columbia Basin Secondary School with Longview Elementary School and Grape Drive.
  • Pursued widening the sidewalk along the east side of Division between Seventh Avenue and Nelson Road with the City. The City completed the first phase of the project, which was between Seventh Avenue and Hill Street.
  • Requested the Department of Transportation to upgrade the pedestrian crossing at the intersection of Broadway and Burress. The state installed pedestrian crossings with islands and illumination lights at the Broadway intersections of Burress Avenue, Western Avenue, and Driggs.
  • The City constructed a bulbout in the sidewalk at the intersection of Central Drive and Valley Road.

School Safety

  • Peninsula School crossing - With support from the City, the Moses Lake School District, and the WSDOT Safe Route to Schools program, the project upgraded a crossing with lights, signage, and bump-outs.
  • Longview School path and crossing - With support from WSDOT Safe Route to Schools and Grant County, Longview Elementary School has a new safe path for children from a nearby residential area to the school, as well as a new system of connecting streets with designated sidewalks, lighting & signage.
  • Safe Routes to School grant for the City to install flashing lights on Burress Avenue and Texas Street.


  • Heron Bluff/Joseph K. Gavinski Trail at Blue Heron Park - Construct an activity trail though Blue Heron Park and complete the connection to the Bluff West/Cove West neighborhood. This path continues the existing trail that starts at Cascade Valley Park, crosses the lake at Neppel Crossing, follows the water along the west side of the peninsula, crosses the lake again at I-90, & arrives at Blue Heron Park. The City received nearly $175,000 in grants for this project, from the Columbia Basin Foundation, Columbia Colstor, Community Economic Revitalization Board, and Quad County Regional Transportation Planning Organization.
  • Moses Lake Water Trail - The Moses Lake Parks and Recreation Department developed a map of the water trails system throughout Moses Lake for residents and tourist using kayak or canoe. Made possible by a $5,000 grant from Basic American Foods.
  • Montlake Nature Trails - An undeveloped footpath that connects Montlake Park to the proposed Greenway Path. Sponsored by developer, Smart Homes with TPT backing.

Other Activities

  • Purchase of Bicycle Stands and other Trail Amenities - Several purchases have been made of bicycle stands for the Parks and Recreation Department as well as benches, trash containers, lights and other amenities for the established trails.
  • Signs and Stenciled markers placed along the major pathways throughout the City.
  • Mapped all pedestrian and bicycle accidents in the City of Moses Lake over the past 10 years. This map now guides the City in planning traffic control.
  • Activity Trail Map showing pedestrian and bicycle facilities, including bike lanes, sharrows, multi-use paths, and wide shoulders. Download the map online.