Chaplain Program


The chaplains of the Moses Lake Police Department offer a wide range of services not only to the department personnel, but also their families. We realize that police work touches the whole family and we want to be able to adequately provide for the needs of the officers and their families. We encourage the officers to utilize the services of the chaplains for their families.

Some of the services we offer to the officers and their families include:

  • Critical Incident counseling (this is limited due to the fact that the chaplains are not thoroughly trained in CISM techniques)
  • Funeral services and memorial services for family members of the officers
  • Grief counseling
  • Help with domestic abuse issues
  • Marriage counseling (this is limited due to the fact that the chaplains are not licensed marriage counselors)
  • Spiritual guidance counseling
  • Substance abuse counseling and support


The chaplains will assist in making competent referrals to counselors or mental health professionals should the officer or family member need such services. We are able to make referrals to substance abuse treatment centers as well.

The chaplains will always hold any counseling with the officers and/or their families in strictest confidence except when there is evidence of domestic abuse, child abuse, or if the chaplain has reason to believe that the threat of physical harm is imminent (that the person seeking counseling may harm either themselves or others).

Group of Three chaplains Standing Together