Shoreline Permits

Construction and modifications within 200 Feet of the water

Most types of construction, grading, or clearing within 200' of the shoreline of Moses Lake require some sort of permit. This includes cutting or removing plants, repairing a dock, placing rock at the shoreline, grading, or installing a boat lift or dock, among many others. If you are not sure, call a Planner at 764-3750 to help you determine if a permit is needed and assist you through the process.

ExemptionsMoses Lake seen from Division

Some actions are exempt from an actual shoreline permit, but still need a shoreline exemption. This is a fairly quick and simple process where you submit in writing what you are proposing, the City staff makes sure your proposal is covered in the exemptions from a permit listed in state law, and you get a form saying you can proceed with your project.

There may be conditions you will need to comply with to make sure your project meets the requirements of the Shoreline Management Act.

Regulations - Shoreline Master Program

The local shoreline regulation document is called the Shoreline Master Program or SMP. In 2017, Moses Lake adopted a major update of the original 1974 SMP. 

2023 Shoreline Master Program Update-       Shoreline Master Program DRAFT, DRAFT OrdinanceEcology Checklist 


See the Shoreline Master Program Update page for information about how these regulations were updated.


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  • Shoreline Management Act: the State law and further information can be found on the Department of Ecology's Shoreline Management page