The Moses Lake area is served by two airports, the Moses Lake Municipal Airport and Grant County International Airport.

Municipal Airport

The Municipal Airport is classified as a General Aviation Airport. The 54.5-acre site serves general aviation aircraft and commercial crop spraying operations. The runway is 2,500' by 50'. All aircraft using this airport have an aircraft approach speed of less than 121 knots, a wingspan less than 49', and weigh less than 12,500 pounds. The airport property was deeded to the City in 1947 by the Northern Pacific Railroad. Since 1994, operations at the Municipal Airport have been overseen by the Municipal Airport Commission.

Grant County International Airport

The Port of Moses Lake operates the Grant County International Airport. It is classified as a Commercial Service Facility. Formerly the Larson Air Force Base, the facility is now a world class heavy jet training and testing facility that has been used by the Boeing Company, Japan Airlines, the U.S. Military, and many other air carriers from around the world. The 4,300-acre airport has four runways, the largest of which is 13,500' long. The Port maintains a website about the airport.