Engineering Projects

Longview & Kinder Reconstruction Rebid-2021

Project in progress.

This project includes the reconstruction of Kinder Road and Longview Street with a new water main, new water service connections, fire hydrants, remaining sewer services, storm drainage, curb, and sidewalk. The project will also include upgrading the adjoining streets in the Longview Tracts neighborhood with sidewalks and new water meter services.

Northshore Lift Station-2022

Project in progress.

This project consists of the construction of the new Northshore Lift Station followed by the decommissioning of the existing Sage Bay Lift Station and the existing temporary Northshore Lift Station.

Wells 9, 17, 23, 31, 33, and Dunes Rehabilitation Project

Project in progress.

This project includes performing inspections, preventive maintenance, and possible equipment replacement at six city owned potable water wells.

Well 34 Well House Project 

Project in progress. 

This project consists of a pilot test study for water treatment. 

Sand Dunes WWTP Biofuser Rebuild

In Progress. 

This project includes rebuilding approximately 306 Parkson Biofuser Assemblies located and operating in two aeration basins at the City's Sand Dunes Wastewater Treatment Plant located on Road K SE.