Engineering Projects

Longview & Kinder Reconstruction Rebid-2021   

Project in progress.

This project includes the reconstruction of Kinder Road and Longview Street with a new water main, new water service connections, fire hydrants, remaining sewer services, storm drainage, curb, and sidewalk. The project will also include upgrading the adjoining streets in the Longview Tracts neighborhood with sidewalks and new water meter services.  

Larson Recreation Center-2021  

Project in progress.

The project consists of demolition of an existing pre-engineered metal building and portions of the surrounding site and construction of a new two-story recreation center. Building work includes but is not limited to construction of a new two-story recreation center including a gymnasium, classrooms, locker rooms, and office space. Site-work includes but is not limited to new parking lot, site sidewalks, fire lane, landscaping, and site lighting.

Tana Lift Station-2021         

Project in Progress.

This project includes removing pumps, piping, electrical equipment, wet well lid, and riser from a wastewater lift station, followed by the installation of two submersible pumps, pump rails, a new custom manufactured access hatch, and piping. Areas of concrete sidewalk, curb and asphalt will be removed and replaced. An electrical junction box, electrical control cabinet components, fence, and telemetry equipment will be installed. 

Updating this lift station will reduce maintenance time required and allow the wastewater department to focus more of their time elsewhere.

Reservoir 2 Painting Project-2021       

Project in Progress. 

This project consists of sand blasting and painting the City of Moses Lake Reservoir #2 located at 800 South Clover Drive. A magnetically attached telemetry antenna will be temporarily relocated and will need to remain in service throughout the project. A new 30-foot diameter latex printed City Logo will also be installed, and a small plaque near the base of the reservoir will be repaired and reattached.

The city plans to paint one reservoir per year until all the reservoirs have new paint and the most up to date city logo.  

Valley Road Reconstruction-2022       

Project in progress.

This project will upgrade Valley Road from Stratford Road west to Paxson Drive. This work will include removing and replacing the multi-use path on the south side of the roadway and pedestrian crossing upgrades, stormwater improvements, removal of existing asphalt, installing base rock and new 3” hot mix asphalt surface.

Northshore Lift Station-2022       

Currently an awarded project.

This project consists of the construction of the new Northshore Lift Station followed by the decommissioning of the existing Sage Bay Lift Station and the existing temporary Northshore Lift Station.


Milwaukee and Aero TEC Water Mains Project     

Going out for rebid.

This project consists of installing PVC watermain, water main valves, tapping sleeves, roadway subgrade excavation, Hot Mix Asphalt patching, connecting to existing water mains, reconnecting existing water services, and traffic control.

Parts of the water main will be brought closer to the surface and/or relocated so they will be easier to access for future maintenance.

Westshore Biofilter Project

Project is going out to bid.

This project consists of the installation of a forced air biofilter, biofilter blower, electrical control panel installation, concrete pad, fence, underground air duct connection to a wastewater manhole, drain connection to manhole, air inlet structure installation, reduced pressure backflow assembly, and water service connection to the biofilter assembly including two 2-inch gate valves and non-freeze post hydrant.