Recyclable Items

rec cart.bmpRecyclable Items

Milk jugs (gently rinsed, no lids)
Plastic bottles (gently rinsed, no lids)
Paper milk-style cartons
Phone books
Shredded paper (in a paper bag or box)
Mail, magazines, mixed paper and catalogs
Metal cans (no need to remove labels)
Aluminum cans
Newspaper & inserts
Paper bags
Cereal boxes (no plastic bags)
Frozen food boxes
Cardboard egg cartons

Non-recyclable Items

Glass (refer to Moses Lake Expanded Glass Recycling)Ceramics
Styrofoam peanuts and other styrofoam packing material
Aerosol cans
Toxic product containers
Plastic margarine, cool whip tubs
Plastic lids
Aluminum foil
Plastic grocery sacks
Light bulbs
Chip bags
Pill bottles
Juice boxes
Metal and plastic hangers
Plastic cups
Styrofoam food containers
Frozen food bags
Soiled paper towels
Food contaminated paper plates and napkins
Plastic ring holders for drink items
Dryer sheets
Wire bottle cap
Ice cream containers
Animal waste (not even in Yard Waste)
Styrofoam egg cartons