Stations, Apparatus and Personnel

Stations, Apparatus, & Personnel

The Moses Lake Fire Department provides a full range of emergency response services including Trauma Verified Advanced Life Support Ambulance Service, Fire Suppression, Fire Prevention, Fire Investigations, Hazardous Materials Response, and Ice / Water Rescue. The department is staffed by 42 uniformed personnel, and 2 administrative staff.

We operate four advanced life support (ALS) ambulances that are staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week by cross-trained Firefighters / Paramedics and Firefighters / EMTs.

Fire Station 1

Located at 701 E. Third Ave., Fire Station 1 serves as the headquarters for the Moses Lake Fire Department. The station is equipped with six drive-through apparatus bays, living quarters for on-duty staff, the department training facility, and the department administrative offices.

The station was built in 1996 and was opened in February 1997. At the time the station opened the department operated one staffed engine from the station and Samaritan Ambulance Service operated an Advanced Life Support ambulance service from the station.

In 2001 the Moses Lake Fire Department took over operations from Samaritan Ambulance Service, increasing the number of fire department personnel and staffed apparatus at this station.



  • Fire Chief
  • Deputy Fire Chief
  • Assistant Fire Chief / Fire Marshal
  • EMS Chief / Medical Services Officer
  • Fire Inspector
  • Fire Administrative Coordinator
  • Administrative Assistant


Three rotating platoons consisting of:

  • One Battalion Chief
  • One Captain
  • 4-8 Firefighter / EMT or Paramedic


Staffed 24 hours a day

  • Engine 1 (staffed with one Captain and at least one Firefighter / EMT or Paramedic)
  • Medic 1 (staffed with one Firefighter / EMT and one Firefighter / Paramedic)

Monday thru Friday 8 am to 5 pm

  • Command 1 (Fire Chief vehicle)
  • Command 2 (Deputy Chief vehicle)
  • Command 3 (Fire Marshal / Assistant Chief)
  • Sprint 1 (EMS Chief vehicle)
  • Car 4 (Fire Inspectors vehicle)

Cross Staffed / Call Back

  • Engine 3, 4
  • Brush 1, 3
  • Medic 3, 4
  • Rescue 1 (water / ice rescue unit)
  • Boat1 (jet-boat)
  • Tender 1
  • Quint 1 (75-foot aerial)
  • Ladder 1 (104-foot aerial)
  • Squad 1 (light, air, and rescue)
  • Utility 1
  • Decontamination, Oil Spill Response, Special Response Trailers
  • Region 6 Fire Investigation Trailer

Fire Station 2

Located at 2401 W. Broadway Ave., Fire Station 2 was built in 1993, but remained unstaffed by Fire Department personnel until August 2001. When the department began operating the transport Advanced Life Support ambulance service in August 2001 the station was staffed with two personnel 24 hours a day. Beginning in 2017, staffing was increased to three at this station to handle additional call volume in the Peninsula area. A lieutenant was selected to supervise the station.


Three rotating platoons consisting of:

  • Captain
  • Fire Fighter / Paramedic
  • Fire Fighter / EMT


Cross-Staffed 24 hours a day

  • Engine2
  • Medic 2
  • Brush 2
  • Tender 2
  • Utility 2
  • Boat 2 (RIB)

Staffed 24 hours a day