Water Conservation

July and August are water conservation months in Moses Lake

City Council extended the water conservation, restrictions and rationing requirements to include June, July, August, and September as mandatory months of water conservation effective August, 2021.

Addresses with odd numbers shall be allowed to irrigate and wash vehicles on odd numbered days. Addresses with even numbers shall be allowed to irrigate and wash vehicles on even numbered days.

Any property with irrigation meters two inches (2") and larger will be restricted to irrigate from midnight to 8:00 a.m. or on a schedule approved by the Municipal Services Director.

Authority: Municipal code 13.07.010 Water Rationing (Ord. 2980, 8/7/2021)

Water Conservation Ideas to help you save water in your yard, lawn or garden:

Listed below are some simple ways you can conserve water and join the City in its commitment to providing you with a safe, abundant, supply of water. 
  1. Water lawns during the early morning when temperatures and wind speed are the lowest.
  2. Use sprinklers that throw big drops of water close to the ground.
  3. Use a water timer on hose-end sprinklers to avoid over-watering.
  4. Use mulch to retain moisture in the soil.  Mulch also helps reduce soil compaction from raindrops and helps control weeds that compete with landscape plants for water.

Helpful Resources

Water is a limited resource and using it properly will help safeguard this valuable resource for future generations. These are just a few websites that can provide useful information to conserve water. 

The City of Moses Lake thanks you for your efforts in helping us help you.  If you have any questions, please all (509) 764-3783 or (509) 764-3951 and we will be glad to help.