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Sasquatch Revealed

June 22 - August 24, 2018

Location: Museum Gallery, 401 S. Balsam

For well over a decade, the Sasquatch Revealed exhibit has traveled throughout the Pacific Northwest and beyond, engaging audiences of both skeptics and believers in the cultural phenomenon we know as Sasquatch or Bigfoot. While the exhibit is not intended to prove or disprove the existence of the elusive creature, what we do know for certain is that Sasquatch (real or otherwise) has long been a part of Native North American culture that migrated into non-Native culture in the 1700s. Today Sasquatch lives on the fringes of science and today’s popular culture.

Sasquatch Revealed was generously loaned by exhibit curator Christopher Murphy, and is based on his 2004 Sasquatch exhibit at the Vancouver Museum (BC), and is available for use free of charge to other public (government) museums. For a full list of contributors as well as more information on the Sasquatch/Bigfoot subject, visit the SASQUATCH CANADA website at

Featured image: "Patty" by Christopher Murphy

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