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Comprehensive Plan Maps
Individual maps from the Comprehensive Plan are available for downloading.

Capital Facilities Element
CF-1 Existing Park Facilities
CF-1C Mini Park Service Area
CF-1A Neighborhood Park Service Area
CF-2 Municipal Facilities
CF-1B Community Park Service Area
CF-4 School Facilities

Land Use Element
LU-1 Existing Land Use 
LU-4 Future Land Use Map 
LU-2 Zoning 
LU-5 Sensitive Areas Map 
LU-3 Unincorporated Area Zoning Map 

Transportation Element
TE-1 Existing Arterial Classification
TE-4 Transportation Facility Location Map
TE-2 Traffic Volumes
TE-5 Grant Transit Authority
TE-3 Bicycle Transportation & Activity Trails Plan TE-6 Future Street Plan

Utilities Element 
UE-1 Major Sewer Lines UE-4 Major Gas Distribution Lines
UE-2 Water System