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Applications / Permits
Land Use Application Form
The Land Use Application Form is a general form used for most land use actions.  Current land use permit fees can be found on the Land Use Application Form.

Shoreline Permit Form & JARPA
Shoreline Permits require a Shoreline Permit Application in addition to the Land Use Application.
Amend Comprehensive Plan Application
The Comprehensive Plan can be amended only once per year. The deadline to submit applications for a calendar year is March 31 of that year.

Notice Board Specifications & Affidavit of Posting
Most land use applications require the application to post a notice board on the project site. The Notice Board Specifications detail the information and formatting of the notice board.

After the applicant installs a notice board, a signed and notarized Affidavit of Posting is required.

Sidewalk Use License
Certain structures and items, such as food service tables, decorations, and kiosks, may be allowed on a public sidewalk in front of a business with an approved sidewalk use license and $1,000,000 liability and property damage insurance policy. The application and use fees depend on the type and size of item or structure being placed.

SEPA Environmental Checklist Form
Environmental review under SEPA (State Environmental Policy Act) is required for most medium to large projects. The Environmental Checklist is required.

Non-project actions, such as zone changes, also require the supplemental sheets.

Sign Placement - City Property
The Moses Lake City Council has determined to allow the placement of signs including political and campaign signs on some city-owned, meaning deeded property and city leased property and adjacent right-of-way. Please read the Sign Placement Standards Policy before completing the Moses Lake Sign Placement Agreement. Location Map