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BMX Track

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  • ABA sanctioned BMX track
  • Letter M style layout
  • Built by Billy Allen in the fall of 2004
  • Quoted as one of the best tracks in the state
  • Host to around 20 races per year, bringing in athletes of all ages from all over the Pacific Northwest

Larson Recreation Center BMX Track Rules 

  • Use at your own risk. This facility is not supervised.
  • Use of protective equipment, including securely fastened helmets, knee and elbow pads, wrist and shin guards, is strongly recommended.
  • Bicycle cross bar, stem, and top tube pads are also recommended.
  • No motorized vehicles are permitted on the track.
  • Homemade or professionally constructed obstacles, ramps, jumps, or other modifications may not be added to the track.
  • No alcohol, drugs, tobacco products or glass containers are allowed at this facility
  • BMX track is open for the public use from 8:00 a.m. - Sunset.

This facility is operated by the Moses Lake Parks and Recreation Department. 

Please call 509-764-3805 to report any vandalism or any unsafe track conditions. 

For more information on BMX racing in Moses Lake check out or call Brandon Holland at (509)760-0773.