What is a Stormwater Utility? What kind of services does the City provide?
The stormwater program is charged with the maintenance and improvement of the City’s stormwater systems located within the public rights-of-way. These systems consist of storm drains, catch basins, underground pipes, open channels, culverts and creeks.

A stormwater utility is a special assessment set up to generate funding specifically for stormwater management. Businesses and residents within the City of Moses Lake pay a stormwater fee, and the revenue collected directly supports maintenance of the existing storm drain systems, development of drainage plans, water quality programs, and funds major capital expenses. The funds pay for the ongoing and routine maintenance of the drainage system, major capital expenses for new storm sewer construction, and EPA Phase II stormwater permit requirements.

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10. What is a Stormwater Utility? What kind of services does the City provide?
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