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Moses Lake is updating its Comprehensive Plan, which guides the City’s day-to-day decisions and investments. It sets the tone for how and where Moses Lake can grow and change and identifies community priorities. At the same time, Moses Lake is developing a Housing Action Plan, funded by the Washington State Department of Commerce. This will identify City actions to encourage homes that meet the community’s needs.

By updating the Comprehensive Plan, we can build on the community’s assets and minimize the impacts of uncoordinated growth and development. And by incorporating the Housing Action Plan, we can focus on Moses Lake continuing to be a place where everyone has an opportunity to live in a safe neighborhood with quality schools, jobs, healthy food, and beautiful places to walk and play.


In the past decade Moses Lake has grown by 15% and is the center for shopping, health care, social services, employment, education, and business in Grant County. As the City continues to grow it needs a solid plan—the Comprehensive Plan—to guide new development and community change.

It is also getting more expensive to live in Moses Lake. As the population grows and housing prices continue to rise, it needs actionable strategies to increase housing options—the Housing Action Plan.

Desired Outcomes

The Comprehensive Plan is a 20-year plan for Moses Lake’s future. It addresses:

  • Residential and employment trends and locations
  • Community design, resources, and amenities
  • Adequate options for everyone to have a home
  • Economic development
  • Transportation needs
  • Parks, utilities, and other public facilities to support a growing community
  • Natural and cultural resources

The Housing Action Plan will outline how to meet Moses Lake’s housing needs for all income levels.

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We need to hear from you to make these plans successful. Explore the Moses Lake Together – Creating Our Future interactive website to learn more and tell us what is important to you!

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Project Timeline

  • Visioning (Summer – Fall 2020)
  • Housing Needs (Summer – Fall 2020)
  • Draft Comprehensive Plan, Housing Action Plan, and Development Code (Fall 2020 – Spring 2021)
  • Final products (June 2021)

Initial Findings

In the last year, some people in Moses Lake exchanged ideas about what was important to them. Here is what we learned:

  • People liked that Moses Lake had a lot of amenities but still felt like a hometown place with a community that cares about each other.
  • People thought there could be improvements to help the health of the Lake, to improve education, and to prevent social problems such as crimes, drug use, and homelessness.
  • People hoped for changes such as more affordable housing, an enhanced Lakefront, and more access to opportunity.

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