Veteran's Day Recognition

On November 11th we will celebrate Veteran's Day. Please join me and take time to let our veterans know how much we appreciate the sacrifices they have made to keep this great country free. I am proud to work with many of these veterans here at the Moses Lake Police Department. It gives me great honor to recognize these employees for their service. - Chief Dave Ruffin

Brian Jones – USMC
Jeff Sursely – USAF/USNG
Juan Loera – USMC/USAR
Omar Ramirez – USMC
Edgar Salazar – USMC
Juan Serrato – USMC
Randy Loyd – USAF
Adam Munro – USAF
Tom Tufte – USN
Richard Francis – USMC
Paul Ouimette – USAF
Ramon Lopez – US Army
Caleb Welsh – US Army
Matt Harum – USMC
Beau Montgomery – USA/USAR
Lucky Atkins – US Army