Comprehensive Plan Update


By state law, the Comprehensive Plan may only be amended once per year. The deadline for submitting proposed amendments is March 31 of each year. Application form (PDF)


We are in the process of updating our overall comprehensive plan. To ensure all potential amendments are considered during this process, the city has opened up the application period for amendments through August 31, 2020. Comprehensive plan amendments include zoning changes within the city, and land use designation changes in the city’s urban growth area. Amendments may be emailed to 

2019 Update

Land Use Designation Amendments

The following site-specific designation changes have been requested by the property owners:

Cox and Cox
Corner of Clover Drive and Nelson Road. Parcel Number 314034000 - MapChange 2.82 acres from R-3 Residential Zone to C-1 General Commercial Zone. 
Michael Hansen
Located west of Homes Street. Parcel Number 110475080 - MapChange 8.45 acres from Public Zone to Light Industrial Zone.
Located east of Ray Road Between Harris Road
and Highway 17. Parcel Number 110475037 - Map
Change 80.57 acres from R-3 Residential Zone to C-2 General Commercial and Business Zone. 
Central Terminals, LLC.
Located adjacent to the Port of Moses Lake and Grant County International Airport. Parcel Numbers 170980000 and 170981000 - Map Request for 170 acres be included in the Urban Growth Area (UGA).
Dunes Lake, LLC
Located east of Dune Lake Road and Potato Hill Road Parcel Numbers 170073001, 170072000 170071001, 170081000, 170083000 - MapRequest for 833 acres be included in the Urban Growth
Area (UGA).

Public Hearings

  • The Planning Commission's public hearing is November 21, 2017 at 7 PM

 For More Information

  • Contact the Community Development Department at 321 S. Balsam or 764-3750