Jan. 7, 2013 Meeting

At the first Visioning meeting, there was a presentation (PDF) and then participants were asked to comment on the categories identified in the initial survey. Below is a summary of the comments.

Healthy Lifestyles: What can we do to become a healthier community now and in the next 20 years?

  • Continue to maintain the rural flavor that lends itself to more paths/trails and parks that compliment our community while providing a healthier lifestyle for residents
  • More trails and emphasis on the beauty of the desert landscape. 
  • Find ways to get more people biking and walking places when they come to town
  • Clear snow from trails so they can be used
  • Better crossing at Broadway & Alder
  • Have a senior citizen-friendly center with activity options like walking, exercising, cycling, spa
  • Continue to connect all the paths so our walking trails are complete and continuous

Healthcare/Education: In the next 20 years, what role do you see the City taking to improve healthcare and education?

  • Increase recreational & educational courses offered through Parks & Rec
  • Improved shopping opportunities will make it easier to attract medical & education professionals
  • Enhanced library development with e-books, computer stations, etc.
  • Provide more choices for all nationalities
  • Larger library space to accommodate the growing population and the changes in the way information and reading material are delivered through electronic media and the coming together of groups for discussion and inspire youth

Culture: What can we do to increase the number of cultural events in Moses Lake?

  • Work with all community groups for input for events
  • Pow wow tribal events
  • Incorporate existing events into the entertainment series the city is already doing to provide more exposure for the events and encourage community groups to offer more
  • Find out what other cities are doing that is successful and build that into our community
  • City already doing a lot relative to its size with Park/Rec/Museum programs. Could create incentives for participation in current series, or possibly work with Grant County & other cities to organize regional events

Lake: What can we do to improve lake access and quality now and in the next 20 years?

  • Additional lakeside trails
  • More public access throughout the lake
  • Partner with the MLIRD to improve the water quality
  • Change Neppel Fill to a bridge to allow sediment to clear out
  • Address issues that destroy water quality and fulfill the need for additional docks and parks as economy improves
  • Support rail project from Wheeler to Port District. Convert downtown lakefront rail to trail

Transportation: How can we improve or increase the use of walking, bicycling, and other various modes of transportation in the next 20 years?

  • Support more city-wide events using the paths, like the bike event in May 2012
  • Power stations for electric bicycles
  • Rails-to-trails in downtown: Support new rail bypass from Wheeler to Larson/Port and convert lakefront rail to pedestrian & bike trail
  • Continued installation of high-quality sidewalk system currently being built
  • Lake crossing to connect the west of the lake to the rest of the city
  • Finish paving the streets by the movie theater and Safeway
  • Widen intersection at Valley & Stratford or develop an alternate route
  • Rail access to industrial zoned land
  • Seek funding for enhanced rail system
  • Greater importance placed on buses: more frequent stops, more stops, keep buses clean, require less parking throughout the City, limit the number of parking spaces in the downtown area
  • Provide bike racks throughout the community
  • Continue to place sculptures along all our paths

Beautification: What specific ideas do you have to improve the aesthetic qualities of Moses Lake in the next 20 years?

  • Continue with high quality roads, curbs, and landscaping
  • Design standards for commercial buildings
  • Design standards for homes and businesses with lakefront property
  • More walkable spaces, wider sidewalks, spaces where people feel comfortable and safe. More lighting during night hours. 
  • Design standards and increased height requirement for the downtown to create a sense of scale
  • Get building owners to take pride in our city and update existing buildings
  • Code Enforcement to make sure garbage/weeds/junk is picked up. Create codes if we have a problem we cannot enforce
  • Grass at I-90 interchanges and Highway 17/Stratford interchange
  • Annexations & clean up/beatification of Larson Housing area with additional parks and code enforcement
  • Underground utilities in the high-traffic areas of town and in neighborhoods

Retail / Dining: What ideas do you have that will increase the retail shopping and dining opportunities in the next 20 years?

  • Continue to provide the necessary infrastructure to attract retail businesses
  • Moses Lake gift cards good at numerous local small businesses and dining places
  • Local stock exchange or way for people to invest in local small businesses. Port Townshed has a model of this where local residents can invest in new restaurants and shops
  • In order to sustain retail and shopping in the downtown, you need housing downtown
  • You need to intercept the "Costco Run" and keep folks here
  • Encourage organizations that seek out future businesses
  • A more cooperative and partnering approach from city staff to let developers/businesses know what needs to happen to make their project viable
  • Economic gardening program for small businesses dining & retail in the city to grow and expand
  • Have a presence at conventions or other gathering of retail developers
  • City should lead more in tourism development - will lead to stronger numbers for retail & restaurants.
  • City should build Tourism Info Center to include regional tourism, ML Chamber, Grant EDC, & central WA sports. Create regional promotion center to focus on building traffic/attracting people to support retail
  • Collaborate so we work smarter not harder

Tourism (This topic was added by the public)

  • Partner with Chamber more aggressively on tourism promotion and creation of new events to fill any gaps we might have
  • Moses Lake gift cards & certificates that are good at numerous Moses Lake businesses and dining places
  • A true convention center with lodging adjacent to bring more events in