Snow Berms

A Cooperative Effort

The City recognizes that snow plowing leaves berms and that it may block some driveways, mailboxes, and/or cars. We understand that clearing berms is inconvenient, but unfortunately, it is a byproduct of snow plowing and clearing streets. Effective snow removal and plowing of snow on City streets is a cooperative effort of both the City street crew and local residents. The City depends on individuals to remove the plowed berms in front of driveways, mail boxes, or cars. Individuals are asked to place their shoveled/plowed snow in the gutter or on their property and NOT in the bike lane, on the sidewalk, or the street. Please refer to the City of Moses Lake Municipal Code 8.14.020 C Public Nuisance Defined. Your cooperation helps keep the streets clear for emergency vehicles and for more ease of travel.