Tactical Response Team / Negotiators


The Moses Lake Regional Tactical Response Team (MLRTRT) was formed in 1999 to meet the special policing needs of the community. It began as an entry team of five personnel and now consists of 15 officers from the Moses Lake Police Department, Grant County Sheriff's Department, Adams County Sheriff's Department, Moses Lake Fire Department, and Quincy Police Department.

The Moses Lake Police Department is the parent agency for the tactical response team. The team is led by the team commander, Moses Lake Police Department's Corporal Buescher and two team leaders MLPD Sergeant McCain and GCSO Sergeant Pannek. New members are appointed to the team based on available openings and only after completing a competitive examination consisting of physical fitness, firearms, and an oral board.

The team uses specialized equipment and tools to resolve dangerous, tense, rapidly evolving situations as safely as possible. These include 40mm less than lethal munitions, Noise Flash Diversionary Devices, and chemical agents. The Grant County Sheriff's Office supplies two armored vehicles that provide protection for the team and the ability to rescue citizens from dangerous environments.

Responsibilities & Incidents

The tactical response team comprises entry and perimeter personnel, marksmen observer teams, and a tactical medic. The team is supported by a six-person separate crisis negotiations team. The negotiators are responsible for providing suspect communication to help resolve volatile situations. The majority of the tactical operators train a minimum of 16 hours a month while the marksman observers train 20 hours a month. The team is trained in special weapons, equipment, and tactics.