Comprehensive Plan

The Comprehensive Plan guides development within the city.

The City of Moses Lake adopted the current Comprehensive Plan in 2001, and has updated it periodically since then. Extensive updates were completed in 2014 of the Land Use, Housing, and Utilities Elements, and in 2012 for the Transportation and Capital Facilities Elements and the Vision Statement, in 2016 for minor updates to the Transportation Elements and Utilities Elements and in 2017 a re-designation of 25 acres from Parks/Open Space to Public Facilities. The City's Comprehensive Plan needs to be reviewed to reflect the needs of our community now and in the future. The City's desire is to begin this process immediately to conclude in 2020.

Individual chapters of the Comprehensive Plan are available for downloading.

Chapter 1Introduction (PDF) (2001)Chapter 7Capital Facilities Element (PDF) (2014)
Chapter 2Vision Statement (PDF) (2012)Chapter 8Essential Public Facilities (PDF) (2001)
Chapter 3Land Use Element (PDF) (2014)Chapter 9Roles and Responsibilities (PDF) (2001)
Chapter 4Housing Element (PDF) (2014)Chapter 10Maintenance of the Plan (PDF) (2001)
Chapter 5Utilities Element (PDF) (2016)Chapter 11Glossary (PDF) (2001)
Chapter 6Transportation Element (PDF) (2016)

Comprehensive Plan Maps

Maps are available here.

Comprehensive Plan Update

See this page for information about the annual update.

For More Information

  • Contact the Community Development Department at 321 S. Balsam or 764-3750