Engineering Projects

Current City Improvement Projects


Project Complete.

This project completed parking areas at Cascade Park, the Dog Park, and Dano Park, including asphalt surfacing, striping, and concrete bumpers.

Stratford Road Booster Pump

Project is in progress.

The Stratford Road Booster Pump project includes installing a new booster pump station, associated piping, electrical, telemetry, and fencing. The improvement is 

The project began at the end of February and is anticipated to finish in mid-May. The booster pump is being added to send water from the Central Zone supply (where there is excess) to the Knolls Vista Zone (where it is lacking) when needed.

crack seal project - 2020

Project is in progress.  

The Crack Seal Project - 2020 is part of an ongoing, annual maintenance schedule for city streets in need of crack filling. The 2020 project includes crack sealing approximately 555,000 linear feet with rubberized asphalt on identified streets, bike paths, and parking lots within the City of Moses Lake. Crack sealing of the asphalt is important ti keep water from penetrating and causing base material erosion, which can lead to more severe asphalt damage.

Upcoming areas to be crack sealed on this project include the Park Orchard area, Marina Drive, and Laguna areas. Bike paths, Montlake Park, and Cascade Park will also be crack sealed.

pioneer sidewalk, curb & catch basins project - 2020

Currently an awarded project.

This project will include replacing 2,000 square yards of existing sidewalk on the west side of Pioneer Way with 6-inch thick concrete along with curb and catch basins. Additional work will involve various sidewalk repairs, including a new bike path in McCosh Park. The Pioneer Way sidewalk repair work will replace the very old and deteriorating storm water catch basins and sidewalk, which will provide a nice new smooth surface for pedestrians.

The project was originally scheduled to begin by now, however, in response to the COVID-19 emergency mandates, Contractors are unable to safely perform the work and abide by the requirements for Social Distancing. So until the restrictions for construction work and Social Distancing are lifted, the project is on hold. As soon as they are able, crews will commence work.

pole building - 2020

Currently an awarded project. Work will begin soon. 

A pole building is being constructed at the City of Moses Lake’s Operations & Maintenance Facility for storage. The project includes construction of a 5,000 square foot pole building and fencing.

Valley rd/loop drive watermain improvements

Currently an awarded project. Work will begin soon.

The Valley Rd/Loop Drive Watermain Improvements project consists of upsizing one mile of watermain on Valley Road from Stratford Road to Paxson Drive with 12" PVC. It also replaces 2,000 feet of old AC watermain in Loop Drive with 8" PVC. Hydrants, water services and connections to other water mains along the route will also be replaced.

In preparation of rebuilding Valley Road next year, the old AC water main is being replaced. The water main is being replaced in Loop Drive because there have been several breaks in this section over the last few years. Work is expected to begin soon and be completed in early July.

knolls vista/Wheeler rd sewer improvements

Currently an awarded project.

The Knolls Vista/Wheeler Rd Sewer Improvements project will involve installing approximately 1,700 feet of 15" gravity sewer main, 5 manholes, 1,700 feet of 8" sewer force main, 5 new catch basins, and decommissioning of an existing lift station.

Laying new sewer main on Knolls Vista Drive and over to a pump station on Northshore Drive will allow the City of eliminate the need for an existing Knolls Vista lift station. A parallel forcemain installed in Wheeler Road will increase the service capacity to the Road N area and aid with development in the Wheeler Corridor.

Work is currently in progress and is anticipated to be complete in mid-May.

reservoir 8 painting project - 2020

Project is out to bid.

The Reservoir 8 Painting Project - 2020 consists of sand blasting, pressure washing and painting an existing reservoir. A new latex wrap with the City logo will be installed.

Reservoir 8 is located at Kittelson Road. Currently, all of the reservoirs are in need of painting and the plan is to paint and wrap one per year for the next nine years.