Billing Information

Ambulance Service Utility

  • Residential fee of $12.60 per dwelling
  • Non-residential fee of $12.60 per 5,000 square feet or portion thereof to a maximum of 25
  • Lodging (Hotel/Motel) fee of $12.60 per room for 1/2 of total room count
    Municipal Code 2.30.05, 2.30.110, 2.30.140 (PDF)

Residential Garbage Rates 

  • 48 gallon garbage is $20.35
  • 64 gallon garbage is $22.20
  • 96 gallon is $33.30
  • Recycling and yard waste carts are free. (limit two per household)

Commercial Garbage Rates 

Please contact Lakeside Disposal for container dimensions and availability.

Water Rates

Minimum residential rate for 3/4" meter is $25.93 for 0-500 cubic feet and .96 cents for every additional 100 cubic feet. Commercial water rates vary depending on meter size.
Municipal Code 13.12.010 (PDF)

Sewer Rates

Rate is $37.97 per month for residential service. Commercial sewer rates vary depending on volume.
Municipal Code 13.12.030 (PDF)

Storm Water

Rate is $6.08 for each residential living unit. Commercial storm water charges vary according to impervious ground surface. Municipal Code 13.12.042 (PDF)