Common Code Violations

All of the following are code violations which must be corrected:


All lawn grass and weeds must be maintained to not exceed 12” in height. View examples of weed code violations (PDF) 

All noxious weeds need to be sprayed, cut, and removed from the property.
Washington State Noxious Weed Control Board

Inoperable vehicles
Inoperable vehicles are vehicles which are unlicensed, have flat tires, or cannot legally operate on the city streets. View examples of inoperable vehicle violations (PDF)

Parking in residential areas on the lawn, dirt, or any area which is not an improved parking surface such as concrete, asphalt, or pavers / brick. Gravel with a minimum depth of 2" or more can be used as an improved surface. View examples of parking violations (PDF)

Graffiti that is on fences, poles, houses, or businesses must be removed.  View examples of graffiti violations (PDF)

Trees or plant life that overhangs any municipal improvement such as sidewalks or streets that obstruct street sweepers or pedestrian use of the sidewalks must be trimmed. Maintain a 7' clearance over sidewalks and 12' clearance over roadways. View examples of vegetation violations (PDF)

Garage sale signs cannot be placed on City right of way (including streets, sidewalks, and planter strips) or left out after the day of the sale. No signs allowed on fences or utility poles.